What to Expect From a Smile Makeover

Are you interested in a smile makeover? If you’re not happy with how your smile looks in pictures or in the mirror, your dentist can help you make improvements. The procedures and treatments used to improve your smile are referred to as a smile makeover. 

Making improvements to your smile can increase your confidence and help you to smile more often. It is said that smiling, even when you don’t feel like it, can improve your mood and make you feel happier. But if you’re too embarrassed to smile because of the appearance of your teeth, you’re missing out on the good vibes that smiling and receiving a smile in return can give you. 

If you’re considering a smile makeover, you may be wondering what it will entail and what types of dental procedures may be involved. Here’s what you can expect. 

A Consultation With Your Dentist

The first step in the process is a consultation with your dentist where you explain what you would like your smile to look like. Then your dentist will come up with a plan to transform your current smile into the smile you want. The plan may involve cosmetic dental procedures, restorative dental procedures, or any combination of these. 

Teeth Whitening Treatment

One of the easiest ways to improve your smile is to whiten your teeth. Professional teeth whitening treatment provided by your dentist is significantly more effective than over the counter products. The custom made trays your dentist provides allow the bleaching agent to be evenly distributed across your teeth for natural, effective results. 

Cosmetic Bonding

If you have teeth that are chipped, worn down, or uneven, cosmetic bonding can reshape them. Using material that is similar to what is used to fill cavities, your dentist can correct any abnormalities in your tooth structure. Cosmetic bonding can also be used to whiten teeth when bleaching treatments are ineffective. 


Many people are self-conscious about having crooked teeth. ClearCorrect can straighten your teeth using clear plastic trays that fit comfortably over the teeth. The trays are invisible to most people, allowing you to improve the appearance of your teeth without having to wear braces. 


Sometimes the easiest way to improve your smile is to cover your teeth with veneers. Made of either porcelain or composite material, veneers are thin shell-like covers that attach to the front of the teeth. Veneers can cover gaps, misshapen teeth, slightly crooked teeth, discolored teeth, and other cosmetic imperfections. 


When the teeth are severely stained, whitening treatments may not work. Microabrasion, however, scrubs off a very thin layer of tooth enamel to remove surface stains. This option may not work for everyone and could increase tooth sensitivity. Your dentist will only recommend microabrasion if you are an ideal candidate. 


If the tooth root is still healthy, but the natural crown of the tooth is cracked, chipped, or worn down, it can be covered with a dental crown. Crowns can be placed over the existing teeth, leaving the natural tooth roots intact. They are typically made of porcelain, but can be gold or metal alloy. 

Dental Implants

When the root of the tooth cannot be saved or if the tooth is missing entirely, it can be replaced with a dental implant. A dental implant is an artificial tooth and root system that is surgically placed in the jaw bone. It looks and functions just like a natural tooth, providing both an improved smile and better dental and bone health. 

Bridges and Dentures

If a few teeth in a row need to be replaced, a dental bridge can be used to “bridge” the gap. A bridge is a row of artificial teeth suspended between two crowns that can be placed over the healthy teeth on either side of the gap, or dental implants placed on either side. Dentures can be partial or an entire arch of artificial teeth when the natural teeth are in significantly poor condition. 

Get Your Smile Makeover From SmileMakers Comprehensive Dentistry

You deserve a smile you can feel confident about. At SmileMakers Comprehensive Dentistry we can transform your smile so that you can be proud when you look in the mirror and smile in pictures. 

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