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Metal braces were long considered the treatment of choice for straightening teeth. Today, though, there is an alternative. Known as “the clear alternative to braces,” Clear Correct and Clear Correct Teen can treat the same orthodontic issues as braces, including crooked teeth, overbites, and cross bites, without the drawbacks.

What Is Clear Correct?

Clear Correct uses a series of custom-made, clear plastic aligners to gently straighten teeth. Comfortable and removable, the aligners are changed at home rather than adjusted in the dentist’s office. In fact, most people using Invisalign only to need to see the dentist once every four to six weeks.

Clear Correct Teen is just like regular Clear Correct, but is built for kids and teens. Each aligner has an indicator system to let parents and dentists know that it was used properly. In addition, the cost of Clear Correct Teen includes six replacement aligners, in case any are lost or damaged.

No More Guesswork

With metal braces, you will have to guess what your finished smile will look like. With Clear Correct , the first step is to create a 3-D model of your current smile, and then morph it to show you the expected results from every stage of treatment, including the last. In addition, since the aligners are clear, and you will change them at home, you can watch the progression of your smile in real time.

Lifestyle Considerations

If you choose metal braces, they will be entirely under your dentist’s control. He or she will place them, adjust them, and remove them at the end of treatment. If you have an emergency such as a popped wire, you will go to the dentist for help. In addition, you will not be able to eat certain foods that are likely to get stuck in the brackets and wires, and brushing your teeth can be an exercise in frustration.

Invisalign is under your control. Your dentist will place the attachments on your teeth and help you put in the first aligner. Every two weeks or as directed, you will put in a new aligner at home. Since Clear Correct is removable, if you want to eat sticky candy or popcorn, you can simply pop out the aligner, have a snack, and then brush your teeth and put the aligner back in. Oral hygiene is also far easier, since you can simply remove the aligner to brush and floss as normal.

Cost Factors

Many people assume that Invisalign is more expensive than braces. However, this is becoming less and less true. Add-ons such as colored brackets can raise the cost of braces, as can adjustments and emergency visits. Invisalign uses transparent pricing. The price quoted includes office visits and, for Clear Correct Teen, six replacement aligners.

Many dental insurance companies now cover Clear Correct and Clear Correct Teen. Talk to our office staff to learn whether this treatment is covered and what your out of pockets costs will be.

Comfort and Aesthetics

Braces can be uncomfortable, scratching the tissues of your mouth and tongue. Having them adjusted can actually be painful. Clear Correct aligners are made of smooth, comfortable plastic with nothing to catch on the tissues. The aligners gently shift the teeth, minimizing pain.

IClear Correct is also the more aesthetic choice. Whether you are going for a big promotion or your teen is having senior pictures made, no one likes to show off a mouth full of metal.

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